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What a wonderful experience. Our first trip on the Dark Continent was definitely marked by our stay at Majeje. A trip marked by the awesome reception from the owners, France et Eric, that are doing a superb work at making everyone feel like a member of the family. My wife was looking forward to several excursions and she was delighted with the locations chosen and with the designed guide that was her companion for the day.
France, Is graduate of Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec,  a world renowned tourism institution,is a perfect hostess and supervises many areas of the operation including a fantastic cuisine menu that combines finesses of occidental dishes to the exotic elements of African cuisine.
We had great game meat meals served with beer or wine to suit all tastes.
My hunting experience was also fabulous. PH and tracker did a superb job in finding game and helping getting into proper spot for clean harvest.
Majeje offers very comprehensive hunting, or touring packages, designed for beginners, or more advanced hunters, with rifles, bows or handguns.
Talking about flexibility, I am left handed and was looking for a left hand rifle in a suitable caliber for thin skin plains game. The owner stepped forward and acquired a brand new top of the line item to suit me.
Many thanks to all personal that are a boost to the operation as well.

I also learned that Eric and France also owns an hunting lodge in Quebec province. They have an excellent success rate with moose, bear and fishing as well.
Looking forward to a next trip.

Thank you again for providing this unforgettable experience.


The time we spend there it was awesome ,the hospitality is the best and owners are very friendly and professional.

Andre Jacobs

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